Share My Cosplay Daily: Anaelic as Psylocke

Share My Cosplay is proud to display our first shots back from MCM London (October 2016).  Like always our main guy on the ground was James Bissett, and we know we can always trust James to bring back spectacular shots.

First up from MCM london is cosplayer Anaelic as the X-men’s Psylocke. MCM London always managed to proivde such awesome scenary and backdrops to James and his work. Anaelic has created a near perfect replica of Psylocke’s comicbooks appearance right down to the last details. One has to ask the tough questions, how does one keep those rings on her legs? We can only assume cosplay magic! Psylocke cosplay are always so amazing!

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Photographer: James Bissett Photography |Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

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