Share My Cosplay Coverage: Blizzcon 2015

If you’re a regularly reader of SMC, you’ve noticed that we are a fan of everything Blizzcon. Blizzcon 2015 is no different, this year the cosplay was easily 99 on a scale of 1 – 10.

Neeko Cosplay Photography, normally stationed on the East coast of the United States made the daring trip to cover Blizzcon for us, and as you can see he did one hell of a job.

We’ve gone a head a picked out some highlights to feature below, you can find the complete album at and of course check out our other Blizzcon 2015 posts featuring Stella Chu and Mel Dee Cospaly.

We’re already counting down the days until Blizzcon 2016, but for now Enjoy these fine cosplays!

Editors Note: There appears to be an issue with the coloring of the thumbnails on this post. Click the pictures to see the correct coloring of the picture.

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