Share My Cosplay: Cosplayer Apps

Thanks to smartphones, cosplayers are becoming more connected to their hobby as well as to the people who practice it. If you’re new to cosplaying, or a veteran who wants to use the powers of smartphones to improve the overall experience, here are three  cosplayer apps that you may want to use.


guidebook-iconGuidebook is considered by long-time cosplayers as the go-to app when attending cons. Many organizers are using this app so that participants and guests can easily check the event’s panel schedule, con map, tracks, and list of nearby food stalls. It also reminds users of the booths and events that they want to go to. The app alerts users when an organizer makes the slightest changes to the event, making it an ideal app for those who want to be kept in the loop of the activities.



KiteStringSometimes, wearing costumes can mean wearing fur inside a place packed with people. Costumes can be very hot and some cosplayers have experienced fainting from the heat. Kitestring is a nice app that sends users messages every now and then to check if they are ok. If in case Kitestring does not receive a message from the user, it sends out an alert message to their emergency contacts. Download this app to make attending cons safer.



cosplannerDo you make your own costumes? If yes, Cosplanner can be a good assistant to you. It allows users to create and manage their cosplays by giving them an estimated percentage of the progress they’ve been working on. It also allows users to save reference images of the characters they’re building, review the total cost, as well as the time they’ve invested in.

There’s nothing more convenient than smartphones in terms of getting the information that people need. Compared to laptops, smartgadgets are lighter to carry, and have more apps than a person can use within a lifetime. Gaming Realms, a software company that develops and hosts games for online consumption, says that 17% the global population now depends on their smartphones to access the Internet daily. A figure that is on the rise year-on-year thanks to the surge in branded smartphones like the iPhone and HTC.

Are you a cosplayer who uses an app that’s different from the aforementioned? Share your knowledge in the comments section!