SMC Presents: Behind the Lens with Neeko Cosplay Photography


Name: Jerry Neeko
Location: NYC, USA

Links: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

SMC: What interested you in photography?
Jerry Neeko: A friend of mine in high school took a photography class and I was blown away with the ability to take what you saw in real life and mimic it in photos. It really inspired me to take classes in college and I learned about telling stories through the framing images.

SMC: What interested you in photographing cosplayers?
Jerry Neeko: Someone had photographed my own cosplay, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have had a something to remember all the months of hard work paying off at the convention. Alot of the convention albums I create is a way to pay it forward for other cosplayers. It allows me to combine my favorite passions of videogames, anime, comics and photography.

SMC: Do you have a preference shooting between studios, outside or conventions?
Jerry Neeko: My preference is shooting outside in natural light. There can be things that get in the way which include the temperature, time of day, and distance but I try to do as much planning to overcome any obstacle to create some amazing images.

SMC: Any upcoming cosplay events you will be shooting (2016/17 Schedule)?
Jerry Neeko: My schedule includes Otakon, DragonCon, NYCC, and Blizzcon for the remainder of the year. I’m also looking into new cons for 2016. Each convention has a different feel and I’m excited to explore cons people have loved for years.


SMC: What photographers inspire you?
Jerry Neeko: Some photographers that hit close to my heart are Alive Alf Photography and Pugoffka. They have a way of blending just the right mix of storytelling, action, and tone. I am also grateful for the photographers I have met in the community that have been amazingly open to talk about their photography experiences.

SMC: Any favorite cosplayers you have liked working with in the past?

Jerry Neeko: This list can go on for a while. But I’d like to send out some love and shoutouts to Brooklyn Link Cosplay, TEoSB, LadyKoopaa, Ms. Rae Cosplay, KrazedChaos, Arya Fae Cosplay, Close-ish Cosplay, Kayley Marie Cosplay, Sharon Rose Cosplay, Cosplaying Galaga and Sayakat Cosplay!

SMC: Any cosplayers you hope to work with in the near future?
Jerry Neeko: This list could also go on for a while. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with the cosplayers I have met, and each different conventions brings new amazing talent so I always look forward to meeting cosplayers that are new to me.


SMC: Any cosplay shots you’re best known for?
Jerry Neeko: One that is pretty popular and also a personal favorite is of Kayley Marie Cosplay and her husband Jonny B Cosplay as Lady Death and Deadpool. Even though we had limited resources and time a lot of things went right. Another is of Sharon Rose Cosplay and Cosplaying Galaga on our take of the Civil War Movie poster. This was a last minute idea of theirs and I’m glad we were able to bring everything together for that image.

SMC: Do you have a geeky side? What’s your favorite way to pass the time? (Comic books, video games, movies, anime, etc…)
Jerry Neeko: I love all that stuff, comics, video games, anime, love it all. Alot of the time I’ll do research on anime recommended by cosplayers I’ve shot which is great since the available selection keeps growing. I love playing League of Legends even though my rank is nonexistent. I wish I had more time to complete some of the video games I’ve started but spare time is pretty limited these days.

SMC: Any upcoming / ongoing cosplay related projects?
Jerry Neeko: There has been some really small talks about publishing a cosplay book. Even though that project is a long road, I look forward to gathering some amazing cosplay images and the locations it takes me.


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