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Studio Cosplay - Charlie's Angels Tools[UPDATE]
We are happy to report the because of all the great support Studio Cosplay received from the cosplay community it is now officially funded. As an added bonus they will also be joining forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area to create a unique place for area youth.  Visit there website for more details on possible ways you can help out.
Since starting and watching it grow over the last couple of years, we often get contacted by people to help bring attention to their project. Studio Cosplay is one of those rare projects that can truly make a difference and is really worth checking out.
Located in the Washington DC area, it’s a non-profit organization that is set on changing the world for cosplayers by offering community workshops by cosplayers for cosplayers.  Studio Cosplay will be one of those places where friends become family, as people live and learn off each other.

The plan is to offer hands-on classes for cosplayers across all skill levels, across many different areas such as sewing, photo shoots and working with thermoplastics.

Every great idea needs money to make it happen. Founders Liz Gmaz, Stefanie Hackenberg, “Katilist” and Daria Medved have started a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to cover the the first year expenses. They will also be offering many “cosmakerspace” membership tiers to help fund operations.

The main mission of the studio is to provide a workspace of opportunity and education for cosplayers throughout the community. It will be a great place for cosplayers to work on their projects as well meet other cosplayers.

While moving beyond the physical limitations of a specific place the group also plans to provide emergency repair support at fandom conventions nationwide where members can glue up, stitch up, finish up, and rest up before heading back into the crowd.

Kamui tshirt
If you were in attendance at this years Katsucon you may have been lucky enough to see Studio Cosplay’s repair station in action. Also from their appearance at Katsucon the group is getting a ton of support, already appearing in Cosplay in America’s Katuscon Recap Video, and having feature cosplayer Kamui offered her support by donating several of her signed books to be added to the resource library. Next up for the group is AwesomeCon!
Things are definitely heading in the right direction. The group has been touring the DC metro area with the hopes of find the perfect location for their workshop. And plan to hopefully settle on a location in the coming weeks.
With the launch of the kickstarter in February Studio Cosplay has already reached 64% of it’s goal. With March now underway the Studio needs continued support from the cosplay community to succeed.
In an effort to make sure they do indeed reach their kickstarter goal they’ve recently added several new rewards for backers. As an example, a $35 pledge now gets you a plushie of their newly named mascot “Notion”, designed by Lucky Squid Studios.
Interested in knowing more about what Studio Cosplay has to offer? Why not check their website or give them a follow on Twitter or Facebook. Also head over to their kickstarter page to see all of the latest news on the project, including an ever expanding FAQ section. Have a question about the project? What better way to have it answered then directly by the founders.