Share My Cosplay: A Note from your Editor!


Being on vacation can sometimes be fun, other times not so much. I was caught up in Hurricane Irma, but managed to hold out just fine with the good people at Disney taking care of me!


Hey Guys! Your faithful editor here. Well it’s that time of year again, when even I have to take a break. I will be away on vacation starting today and returning September 19th. Now don’t stop reading just yet, while that does mean updates on our site will be delayed for a couple of weeks, our social media pages will still be alive with tons of content. So if you aren’t following us just yet, make sure you take a moment and click the links below to follow us on your favorite social media platform.


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Our #SMCFANVOTE2018 just finished up a couple of days ago. The editors at SMC are hard at work trying to pick a winner, and we should have an announcement in the coming days. Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page for details. The winner will get the 12th spot in our upcoming 2018 cosplay calendar, which should be up for pre-order in October. If you’re curious to know more about the behind the scenes details on what we’ve been doing with the calendar. You can read updates on our Patreon page.

Speaking of Patreon. We’ve recently launched our our page, and so so thankful for our supporters. We will try to add new rewards over the coming months. However our base level gets you early access to our blog type posts. As well for Cosplayers and even Photographers our second level reward allows you to jump the submission queue and have your newest cosplay pictures posted within 24 hours all four of our main social media pages (over 100K followers). This is a great way to promote your work and you yourself gain traffic and followers.
While we are writing / rambling here, we figured we should give a shout out to one of our sponsors. The good people over at Level40two do hard work to send out awesome cosplay prints every month, and if you’re a hardcore cosplay fan, this is something you should for sure check into.We love opening our mailbox every month and seeing who the featured cosplayer is. We’ve had some truly amazing prints arrive each month. If this is something that might interest you, use our exclusive promo code ‘SHARE10‘ to save yourself 10%. We actually don’t even make any money off that, it’s just there to save you money and help grow the cosplay community.

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Have fun!

Sean AKA Freakx