Share My Cosplay: 50 Must See Cosplay from Anime Expo 2017

Anime Expo has to be one of the biggest conventions in Califorina, only possibly surpassed by the King San Deigeo Comic Con (SDCC). So when we had two of #TeamSMC’s photographers head out to the convention, we knew one thing for sure… that they were going to come back with a whole lot of amazing cosplay.

Both Nick Nack’s Photography and Neeko Cosplay Photography were in attendance for the con, and we here at SMC are still sorting through the cosplay shots they took. It’s crazy!

When heading to big cons like AX2017, one thing you have to keep in mind, is it’s impossible to shoot every single cosplay, but the team does try our best!

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Photographer: Nick Nack’s Photography | Facebook | Instagram Twitter |
Photographer: Neeko Cosplay Photography | Facebook Instagram Twitter |

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