Share My Cosplay: 2018 Cosplay Calendar Fan Vote

UPDATE: The entry period has ended as of July 22, 2017. We will now be taking a few days to process the entries and get them uploaded to Facebook so we can start the voting process!


Well it’s that time of year again. It was bound to happen, we’ve been planning our 2018 Cosplay Calendar for a while now and can actually head to our Patreon page to see the full roster of the 2018 calendar be revealed over the coming weeks.

We even teased this post a few weeks ago over on Instagram….

Last years calendar was a huge success, and we’re super excited to get moving on 2018’s edition.

Our yearly calendar is meant as a promotional item for our site, and the cosplayers / photographers that are feature within. Any profit or income for the calendar is used to help keep Share My Cosplay around for everyone to enjoy. We like the idea of having a calendar, as this way our fans can help support us and in return actually get something for their donations. We really hope we can count on your support with this upcoming calendar, and we are hoping pre-orders for the calendar will go live in in early September.

On to the fan vote. The senior editors at Share My Cosplay are in the process of selecting 11 cosplayers from around the world that we think are truly amazing, have stood out this year, and also believe our fans will really appreciate. Since we will be creating a 12 month calendar this year, we will need someone to fill that important 12th spot, and that’s where you come in…


Are you a cosplayer? Interested in potentially being in the 2018 Share My Cosplay Calendar? Well now is your chance. The 12th spot will be open to all cosplayers. To potentially qualify, you’ll need to do the following:

or backup e-mail:

Subject: 2018 Calendar Submission

Include the following:

Submit a High Resolution Semi-pro / Pro cosplay Picture (Landscape)
Your Name / Cosplay Name
Photographers Name*

The submission period will be open for two weeks (July 8th – July 22nd). Upon closing the editors at SMC will sort through the entries and pick a appropriate amount to put up for one week on our Facebook page for fans and cosplayers to vote on. The top five entries that gather the most interest, will be make it to the next round. Then the Editors at SMC  will pick a winner to be included in our 2018 Cosplay Calendar.

Sound like a good idea? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

We wish everyone the best of luck!

*Please be aware that if you don’t own the rights to your picture, you may need to get your photographers permission to use a picture.

Interested in having your cosplay featured on Contact us.

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