Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Valley of Cosplay – Carrie White

Cosplayer The Valley of Cosplay once again graces the pages of Share My Cosplay with another amazing submission.

Marie-Josée Lavallée and photographer Phil Labonté came together to create an original idea for Halloween, that involved the classic horror movie “Carrie” and a whole lot of red corn syrup.

The Making of

The Making of

Shooting this set involved Marie-Josée literately getting in a very sticky situation, as Marie was covered head to toe in corn syrup. Luckily the shoot took place near waterfall, which provided an easy way to rinse off.


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ValleyofCosplay-Carrie06 ValleyofCosplay-Carrie05
ValleyofCosplay-Carrie04 ValleyofCosplay-Carrie03
ValleyofCosplay-Carrie02 ValleyofCosplay-Carrie01