Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Nikko Marie Cosplay

Canadian Cosplayer Nikko Marie has picked the perfect costume to jump into this glorious creative scene we all belong to.

Her Moon Moxxi seen below looks like it walked straight out of the upcoming Borderlands Pre-Squel video game.

While this may be Nikko’s first actual cosplay, she is no stranger to the scene. Nikko is the Creator & Editor of a new Cosplay magazine called “Cos Culture”.  If you want to see more of Nikko Marie Cosplay and check our her upcoming cosplay magazine, she will be in attendance at Montreal Comic Con 2014.

Nikko Marie CosplayNikk oMarie Cosplay

Nikko Marie CosplayNikko Marie Cosplay
Nikko Marie CosplayNikkoMarieCosplay-MoonMoxxi 2
NikkoMarieCosplay-MoonMoxxi 3Photographer credits: Photo by Night Studios