Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Nerd Girl Britt

While San Diego Comic Con 2014 is long gone, we felt it was the perfect time to highlight one of our favorite cosplays from the convention.

Cosplayer Nerd Girl Britt was one of our stand out favorites from the convention, completely winning our hearts with her Playboy Bunny inspired Venom cosplay.

This thinking outside the box is exactly what gets you noticed at a convention, and we just wanted to make sure you seen this amazing cosplay if you missed it the first time around.

NerdgirlBritt-Venom-06 San Diego Comic Con 2014

NerdgirlBritt-Venom-01 NerdgirlBritt-Venom-02
NerdgirlBritt-Venom-03Photographer Credits: All That’s Epic, Rotten Tomatoes, Cosplay Media, & Hybrid Realities Cosplay