Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Marina ReikO

Russian cosplayer Marina ReikO is featured in our latest spotlight, highlighting her Slayer cosplay.  Marina does an awesome job of bringing Lina Inverse from the hit anime Slayers to life in the pictures below. The young adventurer / powerful sorceress is faithfully represented by Marina’s hard work.

Check out more of Marina RelkO’s work on the links below, you won’t be disappointed.


Photographer credits:  Kristina ShuminaMarinaReIkO-slayers04 MarinaReIkO-slayers05

MarinaReIkO-slayers01 MarinaReIkO-slayers02
MarinaReIkO-slayers03 MarinaReIkO-slayers08
MarinaReIkO-slayers10 MarinaReIkO-slayers09