Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Kitsune Raposa

If you’re a regular follower of our daily feed, you’ll notice that we often put up a “#lunchtime #leagueoflegends” post. League cosplays are some of our most popular posts and for good reason. The game brings an overwhelming number of amazing characters coupled with numerous ultra cool skins. This tends to lead to some of the coolest characters ever, and with good reason that so many cosplayers take the time to portray them.

That being said today’s feature is a spotlight on cosplayer Kitsune Raposa and her stunning “Firefox” Ahri from League of Legends. Ahri has to be one of our favorite characters to feature on our daily feed and you can see why in the pictures below. Kitsune Raposa really brings her to life.


KitsuneRaposa-Ahri06 KitsuneRaposa-Ahri05

KitsuneRaposa-Ahri04 KitsuneRaposa-Ahri03
KitsuneRaposa-Ahri02 KitsuneRaposa-Ahri01