Share My Cosplay Spotlight: HJ Steele

HJ Steele started her path to cosplaying back as a child. Always into comics, cartoons, books, movies, and anime, it was only a matter of time before cosplay entered into her foray. Coming from a theater geek background HJ Steele always liked the idea of portraying characters, but didn’t know if cosplaying was the right outlet for her instead turning to Modeling to give her that creative fix.

However this all changed last fall when HJ Steele finally did embraced cosplay, and started in on her Poison Ivy. Starting with the autumn edition seen below, & with major plans to move Poison Ivy through the four different seasons over the next little while. HJ is well on her way, and has even taken it one step further now planning to attend conventions in her area.


Photographer Credits:  Chris McDuffie

HJSteele-PoisonIvy02 HJSteele-PoisonIvy03

HJSteele-PoisonIvy04 HJSteele-PoisonIvy05