Share My Cosplay Spotlight: HJ Steele – Winter Poison Ivy

As promised cosplayer HJ Steele is back again, and delivering a truly epic cosplay. HJ let us know she was working on four different iterations of her Poison Ivy cosplay when we we’re first introduced to her in December. We had previously been wowed by her Autumn Poison Ivy, and now once again blown away with this newest release for winter.

The winter months can be pretty cold her up here in Canada, but this amazing cosplay sure does help. Although that being said Spring can’t get her soon enough, as we are eagerly waiting for the next cosplay in the series.


Photographer Credits: Erik Blume

HJSteele-PoisonIvy-Winter05 HJSteele-PoisonIvy-Winter04

HJSteele-PoisonIvy-Winter03 HJSteele-PoisonIvy-Winter02

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