Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Hailey S Cosplay

The amazing team of photographer The Portrait Dude and cosplayer Hailey S Cosplay are back at it again. Their timing couldn’t have been better. With Bioware’s recent release of Dragon Age Inquisition, comes this epic set of Hailey playing the role as a Qunari.

The Portrait Dude has a very particular style, and it truely shines through in the set below. Hailey’s cosplay looks amazing, and we are so delighted to be able to feature this here on


Photographer Credits:

PortaitDude-DragonAge13 PortaitDude-DragonAge12

PortaitDude-DragonAge11 PortaitDude-DragonAge10
PortaitDude-DragonAge09 PortaitDude-DragonAge08
PortaitDude-DragonAge07 PortaitDude-DragonAge06
PortaitDude-DragonAge05 PortaitDude-DragonAge04
PortaitDude-DragonAge03 PortaitDude-DragonAge02

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