Giulietta Zawadzki Spotlight

Cosmaker Giulietta Zawadzki has shown up on our radar a lot lately, with highlights on two very awesome cosplays, so we figured there was no better time to do a feature spotlight.  Enjoy!

First up, an amazing take on a classic Demon Hunter from Blizzard’s Diablo series. Giulietta Zawadzki seen below is ready to take on anything that comes her way, as she dungeon crawls her way to victory.

The second of her features cosplay spawn from the hit series League of Legends from Riot Games.  Giulietta Zawadzki takes on the role of Blood Moon Akali, alongside cosplayer Sam Dowse.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with all of Giulietta’s creations, and we highly recommend that keep tabs on this up-and-coming cosmaker.


Photography Credits: Paper Cube, Alex Laberge, & Kevin Henneqiun.

League of Legends Blood Moon shen and akali Couplecosplay by Giulietta Zawadzki and Sam Dowse, Photography by kevin henneqiun
Giulietta Zawadzki-BloodMoonAkali02a
Giulietta Zawadzki-BloodMoonAkali03
Giulietta Zawadzki-BloodMoonAkali01

Want to see more Giulietta Zawadzki? Click this link

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