Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Efwen Cosplay

In our previous post we had mentioned on how popular League of Legends has truly become. Well looks like we are back at it again, for good reason. Cosplayer Efwen Cosplay sent us not one, but two amazing Legends she has recently cosplayed.

Battle Bunny Riven and Nurse Akali are just two of the many amazing characters found within the monster hit League of Legends. Riot Games the people behind League of Legends sure have a good thing going. While having one of the most popular games on the internet these days, they certainly do know how to make interesting characters and cosplayers know it.

Need to kill sometime? Besides being an amazing cosplayer offering prints, Efwen also has a weekly twitch stream (every Saturday –, which runs the gambit of everything from video game talk, cosplay talk and even special crafting events. Make sure you subscribe and check in to see what she is up to in a coming show.


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Efwen-Riven04 Efwen-Riven03

Efwen-Riven02 Efwen-Riven01
Efwen-NurseAkali01 Efwen-NurseAkali03