Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Dex Morgan

Canadian cosplayer Dex Morgan has a thing for props. As you can see from her pictures below she has tons of talent in that area.

Dex is originally from Northern Ontario. Her love for cosplay didn’t fully have a chance to explode until she moved away for school. This lead to many more opportunities to let her geek flag fly, as there were more events to participate in.

Dex’s Daenerys Targaryen (corrected from previously written Gaslight Catwoman) may look familiar if you watch Syfy‘s Heroes of Cosplay series. Yaya Han picked her as Judges choice at the end of the Ottawa Pop Expo episode. With numerous awards under her belt Dex Morgan sits comfortably in the  Artisan level of cosplay rankings.


Dex-Morgan-09-Gaslight-7669-small Dex-Morgan-08-Gaslight-7663-small

Dex-Morgan-07-Gaslight-7641-small Dex-Morgan-06-Gaslight-7580-small
DexMorgan_Dany_1 Dex-Morgan-05-Gamora-8211-small
Dex-Morgan-04-Gamora-8202-small Dex-Morgan-03-Convoke_Ashe_4
Dex-Morgan-01-Convoke_Ashe_1 Dex-Morgan-01-2-Convoke_Ashe_2