Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Courtney Leigh

American cosplayer Courtney Leigh sent in this awesome set of her as Capcom’s Ada Wong.

It seems Resident Evils Ada Wong is up to her old tricks, doing what she does best… trying to survive.

Interested in seeing more of what Courtney Leigh has to offer? Check out Courtney’s webiste & learn about her passion for creating.


Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-01 Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-02

Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-03 Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-04
Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-05 Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-06
Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-07 Courtney_ Leigh-Ada-Wong-08

Photographer Credits:  Xander D. Cosplay