Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Bartak Photography at SDCC

While SDCC 2014 has come and gone, there is one thing we can always agree on, San Deigo always gives us amazing Cosplay.

Bartak Photography was in attendance at this years Comic Con and was able to take some truly amazing pictures.

Below you’ll find a outstanding selection of cosplayers Bartak was able to capture during the run of the convention.


bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-Sinne-Doll bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-nadyasonika
bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-18 bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-Lala-Dawn-Cosplay
bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-Living-Ichigo bartak-photography-sdcc-2014-Miss-Kit-Quinn