Share My Cosplay Interview: Dalin Cosplay

Location: Mexico City

SMC: Why did you start cosplaying?
Dalin Cosplay: I really love anime, manga and video games since i was a little child. I used to buy foreign magazines where i saw cosplay for the first time. I was a really shy girl, but the first cosplayer i met was really kind, that impulse me to dress up for the first time.

SMC: What was the first convention where you cosplayed?
Dalin Cosplay:A really small convention in my town, and it was so hard for me, I was so afraid.

SMC: What has been your most memorable convention moment so far?
Dalin Cosplay:The first time when i had the opportunity to travel to a convention outside my country, such a wonderful experience.

SMC: What is your favorite thing about cosplaying at a convention?
Dalin Cosplay:I can make a lot of new friends!

SMC: Where can fans expect to see you next? (2014 Schedule?)
Dalin Cosplay:For the moment only conventions here in Mexico.

SMC: What cosplayers inspire you?
Dalin Cosplay:A lot! I have a large list of cosplayers of all around the world that inspire me. For example; Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, Kamui Cosplay, Eve Beauregard, Reika, Ivy Doomkity, Pau cosplay, Ennui cosplay,Enji Night, Nana Kuronoma, B.shira, and lot more!

SMC: Which is your favorite cosplay you’ve created?
Dalin Cosplay:saber from Fate stay night

SMC: What cosplay are you best known for?
Dalin Cosplay:I think is my morrigan cosplay

SMC: If money was no object what would be your dream cosplay creation?
Dalin Cosplay:Maybe if money was no object, i wouldn’t create only one dream cosplay, i would create a lot of dream cosplays!!

SMC: Do you have any new cosplays currently in the works?
Dalin Cosplay:A pair, but it’s a surprise.

SMC: What do you do in the real world for a job?
Dalin Cosplay:I’m a university student.

SMC: What is something your fans may not know about you? Other hobbies?
Dalin Cosplay:I enjoy playing with my ferret! Is so much fun! And trying to collect a lot of figures of anime and manga.

SMC: What part of “geekdom” is you favorite avenue of entertainment (i.e. comics, movies, video games, anime, etc?).
Dalin Cosplay:I think is anime and videogames!

SMC: Any favorite TV shows, movies or cartoons?
Dalin Cosplay:Utena, video girl ai, shadow lady, tegen toppa gurren langan

SMC: What are you currently playing / upcoming video game releases?
Dalin Cosplay:Im playing code princess and blazblue chrono phantasma at the moment.


Photographer; Cato Kusanagi, Picture of saber; Dorian Najera