Share My Cosplay: Highlights from Montreal Comiccon 2014


Share My Cosplay sent #cosplayer MAP Cosplay to Montreal on a mission. That mission was to find the best #cosplay the convention had to offer and snap as many pictures as he could.

MAP Cosplay did an awesome job patrolling the convention floors while in attendance at Montreal Comiccon, and the highlights of his work can be found below.

We’ve highlighted a few select cosplays from the over 100 pictures we posted on our Facebook page during the event.  If you enjoy these make sure you take a second to check out the full album on Facebook and like, tag and comment!

Link: Full Montreal Comiccon Album

MontrealComicCon-01 MontrealComicCon-02

MontrealComicCon-03 MontrealComicCon-04