Share My Cosplay: Behind the Lens with Photography by Ian B

Location: Kent, England

SMC: What interested you in photography?

Ian B: Prior to working on cosplay and convention photography I worked primarily in portraiture and special effects style photography, where my style gradually evolved. It’s only in the last year or so that I have started widening my scope to involve cosplayers, where my style for photoshop effects and portraiture has been quite popular.

SMC: What interested you in photographing cosplayers?

Ian B: It’s a nice break away from standard photography, with cosplay photography you have the chance to work with cosplayers who have poses in mind, styles of their own, and nice vibrant costumes that always come out nice on camera.

Working with cosplayers is very different than normal portraiture, wedding or event photography, and the challenges it brings are quite unique.

SMC: Do you have a preference shooting between studios, outside or conventions?

Ian B: Honestly it depends, all 3 styles can be useful in their own environment. Personal choice for me is studio work or outside, as inside convention areas often there isn’t enough space or lighting to work effectively and create the shot without crowds in the background.

SMC: Any upcoming cosplay events you will be shooting (Schedule)?

Ian B: Upcoming events in London like LAC (5-6 July), LFCC (11-13 July) and Hyper Japan (25-27 July)

SMC: What photographers inspire you?

Ian B: Benn Robbins of Robbins Studios definitely stands out as one of my strongest inspirations – along with David Love –

Others like…

Darren Rowley – And Shiro Ang – are definitely two that constantly grab my attention.

SMC: Any favorite cosplayers you have liked to working with in the past? 

Ian B: Lucy of Torathena Cosplay ( is one of my favorites to work with, along with Jackie from LadyDChaos (

I’ve also really enjoyed working with Lady Noctis (, Kthulu Models ( and Heidi: Model and Cosplayer (

SMC: Any cosplayers you hope to work with in the near future?

Ian B: I have several booked up, though I am really looking forward to working with Lady Noctis, Heidi, and Dizziedee ( at the LFCC event.

SMC: Any cosplay shots you’re best known for? 

Ian B: Possibly some of my work with Sketch Mc-Draw Cosplay ( and Torathena…

SMC: Do you have a geeky side? What’s your favorite way to pass the time? (Comic books, video games, movies, anime, etc…)

Ian B: I’m a big comic geek, preferably pre Nu52 DC or Vertigo, along with TopCow. I’m also a cosplayer as well and working on my own projects there. I’m also a fanfic writer and an 70/80’s superhero nut… some of my favorite celebrity autographs and photos with me came from that era, like Lynda Carter, Yvonne Craig, Julie Newmar and Erin Grey… I also hope to add Helen Slater to that list at the next LFCC event.

SMC: Any upcoming / ongoing cosplay related projects?

Ian B: A few minor ones, I have a big one in the works but will take a few months for me to gain traction with it. For now I just have several ongoing shoots planned to carry me through con season.