Riddle: Previously Unreleased Interview

This is a bit of a different post for us. This pandemic we have all been going through for the last year or so has left us with very little new YouTube content. Most of the potential content we would normally post would have come from cons, but just not so this year. What we do have here for you is something a bit different, it’s a previously unreleased interview with Riddle from Montreal Comiccon 2015.

Now you may wonder why this interview was never released before now, and as soon as you start the video you’ll quickly find out why. Long story short, during the interview process we used an external microphone, which ended up causing us to lose the pure audio of the interview. This left us only with the raw audio from the camera recording the interview. The audio is pretty rough in segments, and we recommend you turn up the volume if you are having issues hearing the interview.

Most sites would have probably never shared this, but we figured it was pretty cool. If you stick it out, you’ll see a very special guest drop by and a pretty funny surprise near the end.

Also while I was behind the camera working the equipment, I want to give a big shout out to our “hostess with the mostest” cosplayer Bandit Spurs (Instagram | Twitter | Facebook). She always does such an amazing job.

Riddle Interview

So we tried to put some extra editing in to make this a worthwhile video to watch. We appreciate it if you do happen to like what we did here, to potentially give the video a like and potentially subscribe to our channel. We do have more content coming soon.

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