Punisher Cosplay: Here to set things right!

We are back with another amazing SMCDaily for you. Can you feel the excitement? This one has been burning up our inbox, so figured we need to get it posted for everyone to have a chance to enjoy it. Let’s get right into the action with this amazing Punisher Cosplay.

Punisher Cosplay

OK, I’ll admit I personally haven’t watched the Netflix Punisher series yet. That being said I am familiar with the character of Frank Castle. I know for sure that “He” normally kicks a lot of ass. Marvel’s Punisher has been around for a long time and has gained quite the following. Known as Marvel’s deadliest of vigilantes, and can you blame him? Frank’s family was killed, and that set him on the path of destruction that he is most known for. If you want to know more, head over to Wikipedia. This cosplay shoot certainly manages to capture the chaos that we would expect from such a gritty character.

Cosplayer Anna Shakh (@ann_shakhovskaya) has become a staple of our site, as she is become known for her elaborate shoots. This one is no different. We picked some of our favourite shots from this shoot and left a lot on the cutting room floor. However, we do that on purpose, as it gives you a reason to dive further and check out the original creator. Please take a second to browse the Cosplayers and Photographers pages to see what they have in store for you.

Frank Castle Cosplay
@ann_shakhovskaya as Frank Castle

Who agrees that all of these shots are just so amazing? Please leave a comment down below with your favourite one. That being said, we owe some of that awesomeness to that of the Cosplay Photographer Andrey Modey (Instagram). The atmosphere in this shoot is just pure awesomeness. Everything comes together in this shoot from the weapons, the location and the unconscious bad guys just lying around. Big shout-out to Jeff Chapman (Instagram) for his work on this amazing set.

Punisher Cosplay

I mentioned above that I haven’t watched the Punisher series yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on my shortlist. After seeing this shoot I know what has just moved to the top of that list.

ann_shakhovskaya as Frank Castle

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@ann_shakhovskaya Punisher Cosplay