Peggy Carter Cosplay has us pondering… What If?

Peggy Carter Cosplay

Like all things Marvel, unless you’re living underneath a rock these days, you’ve certainly heard of the new What If series on Disney Plus. The new series is having critical success with fans and for good reason. The show of course walks the viewer through many different scenarios that didn’t actually occur in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but asks the question “What if?”. The magical being known simply as “The Watcher”, guides us through all of these alternate adventures. Of course, the first season of the show is almost complete and one can only assume it will return for a follow-up season next year. Whenever we talk about new Disney / Marvel projects this always leads to one thing, and that is how it has impacted the creativity found within the cosplay community. This of course brings us to the truly outstanding Peggy Carter Cosplay.

For anyone that isn’t fully caught up, this version of Peggy Carter received the super-soldier serum instead of the Steve Rogers. Leading to the eventual story, “What IF” Peggy was “Captain America”. While the What If series comes to a close with the recent airing of the finale, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of this Peggy. Rumour has it, Peggy may pop up in the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange, which features a trip into the multiverse. Only time will tell. For now, this cosplay will have to us through until more details of the movie emerge.

More than likely you clicked on this article to read about the featured cosplay, so let’s dive right into it. Currently, Sageraw (Instagram) is one part of the Share My Cosplay team and helps us promote our involvement in the community as one of our feature Page Models on Instagram. By far one of the hardest working cosplayers in the community Sageraw never stops putting out new content, and so glad she shared this Peggy Carter cosplay with our team.

Everything about this cosplay is top-notch and looks like it’s right out of World War II. Such a vintage look to the cosplay and has been perfectly executed. Marvel has given Peggy Carter a really iconic look, and the designers have done such a great job. Cosplayers as a rule, pretty much have a job of reverse engineering a design to something that is almost identical to the source material. Once again I can not say how well Sageraw has managed to accomplish this task. Everything from the years of wear on the shield, to the perfectly matched hair styling, and of course “Cap-ing” (No pun intended) off with that truly amazing battle suit. Everything is spectacularly crafted.

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