Original Cosplay Sinful Sister is here for your soul

Welcome to the brainchild of cosplay photographer Arturo Vega (Facebook |Twitter|Instagram) can you handle this sinful delight of an original cosplay? Introducing Juliette Porcelain (Facebook|Twitter|Instagram), she is  She is an anonymous model/cosplayer, in the role of a porcelain doll from France. Arturo will be capturing her cosplaying many different characters and concepts in the future and it really has turned into a very unique project.

This original cosplay features holy sister Juliette. This won’t be your normal boring Sunday sermon, so get on your knees, and prepare to be blessed. This Juliette Porcelain set is truly fantastic and features a costume designed by MoeFlavor and a background creation by Arturo. This is a true passion project by Arturo Vega, and we are expecting great things coming down the pipe with Juliette. 

This is a little away from the norm of our regular posts where we normally feature more mainstream cosplay, but figured we would try something. New we’ve tried to include more pictures for you to check out this outstanding original cosplay creation. As well, if you want to see more content from these creators, please give them a follow on their Social Media platform of choice.

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