NYCC 2021: Cons are back!

NYCC 2021

So after many many months away, the idea of comic book conventions returning for the general public to attend is slowly becoming a reality. Like two old friends meeting up after being apart for a long time, many con-goers are able to just pick up and continue on from where they left off. That being said some of us have other barriers in place like the closing of a border. Many Canadians were not able to attend this year’s NYCC, because as of the show, the border between the USA and Canada was still closed. Like everything these days, even that is starting to see a turnaround, with an expected opening date of November 8h 2021.

As a person who lives close enough to the border to potentially drive to NYCC, while this wasn’t my year, I’m eyeing a potential visit to NYCC 2022.

With all of that out of the way, the fact is more conventions are indeed returning, with more and more fans eagerly awaiting their chance to attend. This can only lead to a few things. More cosplay for you and I, and as well the return of the dreaded “CON-CRUNCH”. Not familiar with the crunch? Basically, it’s when cosplayers have a convention date as a deadline to finish a project. Like every hobby, life can sometimes get in the way, leading to a lot of all-nighters completing many different cosplays. Fans always want more, and cosplayers usually aim to please.

For most convention goers the dream would be to attend San Diego ComicCon (SDCC), as it is one of the biggest events of the year. However as it’s located in California, which is located on the west coast of the United States, this leaves a lot of east coaster out in the cold, unwilling to make the long-distance trip. While there are certainly thousands of conventions between California and New York, few are as big on the east than that of New York Comicon. The attendance grows every year, and the share level of cosplay in attendance is rarely matched.

As I had previously mentioned, I personally was not able to attend this year’s entry but that didn’t mean we weren’t there in spirit. As a cosplay-inspired page, we still need to share content from such an event. In an effort to gather materials for this post, we put out a call on Social Media asking for cosplayers to contact us.

of course, we owe all of the cosplayers that contacted us a great debt of gratitude, sending us some truly unique works of art. As well we want to give a special shout-out to cosplay photographer Alex Vigna (Instagram) for sharing a ton of amazing shots with us. You can check out a selection of them down below. We always enjoy working directly with cosplay photographers, so if are a photographer that does a fair share of cosplay work, please don’t be afraid to reach out. We are always looking for new contacts to work with.

Somehow I’ve managed to turn this quick intro article into a full-length article. So with no further adieu please enjoy this selection of cosplay from NYCC 2021.

We’ve tagged all the cosplayers below. If you happen to enjoy one of the works please give that cosplayer some love on Social Media. As well while you’re there please consider following us on social media, as we post content daily.

See you at the next con!

Cosplayer: @babsbutcher
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayers @drawingbored@cos_phd@c.stults & Luigi (not credited)
Cosplayer: @thekecmaster
Cosplayer: @rebzeldadisco 
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayer @theincrediblecosplayer
Cosplayer @KCreativeCosplay
Cosplayer @harleynoxcosplay
Cosplayer: @miss_sam_mae
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayer @tashithenerdtruth
Photographer: @ericphotonow
Cosplayer @daveysyto
Cosplayer: @chelseabrickham
Cosplayer @janaecosmos
Cosplayer @tattedladysenpai
Cosplayers @gctcosplays & @mamaccosplays
Cosplayer @janaecosmos
Cosplayer @raf_bucky_barnes
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayer:  @thatshadyhaze
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayer: @rlh_cosplay
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo
Cosplayer: @punkwitchcosplay
Photographer: alextakespicturestoo

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