SMC Feature: Even more amazing Game of Thrones Cosplay

With Game Of Thrones being the mega hit pop culture phenomenon it has become, can you blame us for dong another feature so soon? In reality with a new Game of Thrones episode being released each week, I’m sure we could easily fine enough new content to publish a weekly feature. We will have to see how that goes, all I can tell you for is I’m sure this isn’t the last time we will see amazing Game of Thrones cosplay here on SMC.

With episode two in the books of season 8 of GoT, we are all set for the big battle to commence. One could only assume that this battle is going to be featured in several of the coming episodes and the action will be intense. With so many of characters from the show gathering for the final shutdown, one can only wonder who will manage to survive and how will those survivors deal with facing their newly undead comrades.

The Night King is set to attack, but it looks like that will have to wait for another week. For now lets enjoy more truly amazing Game of Thrones cosplay through the power of Instagram.

FYI. The posts are numbered, but this is nothing to do with any kind of ranking system. Just making it easy for our readers to reference their favorites.

1.Cosplayer @whoanerdalert with a stunning Sansa Stark

2. Cosplayer @justawaykitty with a amazing Margaery Tyrell

3. @Karlibra as Daenerys Targaryen

4. Cosplayer @ruffincosplay rocking her genderbend Jon Snow

5. @Starbit_Cosplay with a surreal Daenerys Targaryen

6. Cosplayer @anniegaves.cosplay with her Lady Snow (aka Jon Snow)

7. Cosplayer @hydrasharleykat as Margaery Tyrell

8. “Hold the Door!” – Cosplayer @capameridad as Hodor

9. Special FX’s wizard @imaginaryfx as the Night King.

10. Cosplayer @meriancloset with a stunning Margaery Tyrell

11. Cosplayer @nananoizy as Arya Stark, along side Dedalo Cosplay as Jon Snow.

12. @raz_alghul.cosplay as the Mother of Dragons

13. Cosplayer @slightlyidentical as the Mother of Dragons

14. Cosplayers @reza_cosplay & @xenora_ren standing side by side as Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen.

15. Cosplayer @con.snow looking just like his counter part Jon Snow.

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