Kitana Cosplay is Mortal Kombat at it’s finest

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Like a lot of us out there, I consider myself to have been raised on all things Mortal Kombat. The series has always been a mainstay of my gaming habits, so whenever I get a chance to feature the series, I take it. Please don’t mind us if we dive into this truly outstanding entry in Mortal Kombat Cosplay, featuring cosplayer SAFire as Princess Kitana from Mortal Kombat X. Are You Ready? Fight!

Mortal Kombat Kitana Cosplay

What was the first Mortal Kombat game you played? (Let us know in the comments section). For me personally, it all started with the very first in the series on the Sega Genesis, then progressed quickly with MKII and Ultimate MK3. Currently, I have Mortal Kombat 11 installed on my Xbox Series X, and wow that game looks and plays amazing. While I have to admit I haven’t honed my skills to take on anyone online, I really enjoy the single-player campaign and just messing around playing against the computer. Fun little game they have there. Want to know the best thing about Mortal Kombat? Is there any doubt? All the cosplay that comes from this series.

Do you follow cosplayer @s.a.f.ire_art? Well if you currently don’t, it may be something you consider doing, and she is truly talented. We’ve featured some of her recent work on our Instagram feed lately, and cant wait to share more of her creations in the coming weeks. Have you skipped ahead and seen these shots of her Kitana? Wow! They are simply stunning. By far some of the most amazing shots of MKX Kitana we’ve come across during our time on the internet doing this cosplay thing we do. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

SAFire as Kitana

It’s kind of a double whammy of goodness here. Let me explain. What I mean is you have this extremely detailed and amazing cosplay by SAFire (Instagram) to start with. If that wasn’t enough, you add in the awesome photography and editing skill of Pause Play Images (Instagram) and then everything just goes to the next level, when the level was set pretty high in the first place. These shots are breathtaking and they scream elegance. Kitana has always been a favourite of ours in the game and in the cosplay community. Seeing fantastic shots like this really reminds me why.

As a reminder. Don’t forget to check out both the cosplayer and photographer featured in this post. They work hard and what they do, and really deserve the support. Also, make sure you scroll to the very end of the article to catch every last shot.

Excuse me. Time to go queue up MKX to download on my Xbox. I’ve got to go visit with an old friend.

MKX Kitana

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