Kate Bishop cosplay brings the fire to Hawkeye

Kate Bishop Cosplay

As we head into the heart of the Holiday season, I have to say, one of the true surprises has been Disney+’s Hawkeye series. My opinions of the show have come a long way from the original trailer release to now being five shows into the season. One of those surprises has been the pretty much unknown character of Kate Bishop, and how she has really come into her own during the course of the show. Clint and Kate have really made this series a true hit. As with the introduction of any new MCU character, this leads to cosplay, and that always makes us happy. So without further ado check out this Kate Bishop Cosplay.

Kate Bishop Cosplay

As I mentioned in the opening, Kate and Clint really make this show of Hawkeye really work. Coming into the show, I really wasn’t looking for it, but my opinion has completely changed. Kate and Clint are the ultimate Marvel dynamic duo, and it’s the building of their relationship that makes the show so good. The banter between them is really well done, and they just seem to play off each other so perfectly. Add in the comic relief of Clint having to deal with his hearing-aid, and how he can turn Kate off and the flick of a switch, and you have something that just has been clicking (pardon the pun).

Being a big fan of everything from the MCU, I do enjoy it when the cosplay community decides to bring things from the screen to life. Here we have another truly amazing release from cosplayer @Paper.Moon.Cosplay. We’ve featured her work on the site previously (Loki’s Sylvie) and will continue to do so, as she is truly talented.

This cosplay just does everything perfectly. Everything just comes together and you can’t help but see Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop pop off the screen. The purple jacket and the subtle lighting, combined with the fact that @Paper.Moon.Cosplay really seems to look like Hailee, really makes us believe that this is the ultimate Kate Bishop Cosplay. With all that being said, as a person that writes about cosplay and shares a ton of it (on social media) all day long, as you the potential reader are going through this, we’d highly recommend you check out more of @Paper.Moon.Cosplay‘s work, as she deserves all the love she can get, as she is really killing it lately. We truly can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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