Happy Star Wars Day featuring Amber Brite Props

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, the first Star Wars Day was celebrated, and because of that day, we celebrate our love of Star Wars every year on May 4th. Today is that day and social media will be abuzz with Star Wars activity. As a fan of everything Star Wars, it’s a great day to really soak up everything pop culture can offer (Have you watched Disney’s Star Wars Bad Batch premiere yet?). Obviously, without a doubt cosplay plays a big part in our Star Wars Day every year. This year we are so excited to share this truly out-of-this-world photo set featuring cosplayer Amber Brite Props (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Amber Brite Props

The Star Wars universe is so alive with a wealth of characters, and because that world is truly so big, original characters fit in there perfectly. Since the world is ever expanding cosplayers like Amber Brite Props can go ahead a create truly spectacular characters like “Rio Ca’tal”. Amber specializes in the world of Twi’lek, and actually crafts and sells many different Star Wars props. If you’re interested in making your own Twi’lek, Amber is the person to see. Check out her site (amberbriteprops.com) to see all of the props she creates and sells. They can certainly improve all of your future Star Wars Day celebrations to come.

Amber Brite Props

On to the cosplay itself, Amber Brite Props for sure has one of the most badass Twi’leks on the go these days on Social Media. We’ve been a huge fan of hers for a while now, and have happily featured her previous on the site (Darth Talon) and on our social network. Everything about this cosplay is amazing, first, you have the movie quality Twi’Lek headpiece made by Amber herself, then the base outfit that really brings the cosplay together. I love how it has the mish-mash look to it, that all characters in the Star Wars universe rock. Add in the blue face and body paint and the whole character just stands out, easily becoming one of our favourite original Star Wars characters we’ve been presented with. When you add up all those parts of the cosplay and shoot them in an amazing set piece like you’re seeing, this is when you end up with a breathtaking cosplay creation like what you’re seeing in these shots.

Amber Brite Props

Do us all a favour, and make sure you take a couple of seconds to check out Amber’s work on her social media and her website. You can tell that she has put a lot of love and effort into her creations, and deserves some recognition. So after leaving this page make sure you head over to our Social Media pages as well and check out an onslaught of amazing Star Wars related cosplay, and remember… May the Force be with You!

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