Interview: The Geekettes

SMC: Why Did you Start Cosplaying?

Manda: I failed at cosplaying in 2006 when I wanted to go to my first con but didn’t truly understand, I thought I would be made fun of and when my costume ears broke I decided last minute not to. Later when I gained more friends in the cosplay community and fell in love with a character and I started to cosplay I was able to go and have fun and escape. My fav part about cosplaying is you aren’t you, at least for a day.

Ray: Officially, at a convention, 2007.

Ashe: I started cosplaying in 2006! I went with a group of friends to a convention, it was the first time for pretty much all of us. I went as Rikku from FFx2, the first costume I ever actually made myself.

SMC: What was the first convention where you cosplayed?

Manda: Like I said, I failed at Anime North in 2006, so Fan Expo is the first place I ever Cosplayed and I went as Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Rainbow Dash.

Ray: Anime North, 2007. I did two different costumes, Misa Amane from Death Note, and Chii from Chobits. (I received a “Hall Costume Award” for the latter.)

Ashe: Anime North in 2006, Rikku.

SMC: Where can your fans see you next (2013/2014 schedule)?

For 2014 The Geekettes first con will be Toronto Comic Con in March, though we are hoping to hit some cons in Ottawa, and hopefully the states this year. We will finalize all cons once the tickets are purchased and will announce on our Facebook pages. Check us out at or on our website for all con announcements.

SMC: Funniest convention moment?

Manda: Best convention moment was when we met ‘The Toronto Joker’ near the Batmobile at Fan Expo 2013, I used my Harley voice for the first time to quote her “Fireworks make me all tingley inside” when he pulled out some dynamite and he actually broke character and I think slipped on the car. So funny it nearly killed me. Otherwise it is when little children mistake the fact that we are dressed as the character and instead think we are that character, and reference episodes and situations and ask if we remember doing them!

Ray: There really are a lot… though recently, it was after the convention, heading out with the ladies. A (TALL) man stopped a few feet infront of us while we were walking towards him, and spread out his arms and said “can I get a hug from Superwoman?”, and Ashe, who was dressed as SuperGIRL, just ducked under his arm (very smoothly, might I add), and said “Nooope!” (My tip, don’t call us the wrong character if you want attention? ;D)

Ashe: Walking down the street in my Supergirl cosplay during Buskerfest in Toronto and hearing “I was never a fan of Superman, but I am now!” Made my day.

SMC: What is the best part of cosplaying at a convention?

Manda: My favourite part about cosplaying is that you get stopped for pictures and recognized for your hard work. Also the fact that you don’t have to be yourself, playing the part of Harley is probably my favourite part about cosplaying in general…and soon many other characters like Pixie, Powergirl and Raven!

Ray: Personally, I like *making* the costumes. I love it. But AT the convention, I suppose its the fans? I like that people think we’re doing a good job, or “Oh god! I LOVE *name character*!!”

Ashe: Being recognized for the hard work and time you put into your costumes. When people take your photo or compliment you, it makes the blood, sweat and tears completely worth it! Haha

SMC: What other cosplayers inspire you?

Manda: Elise Archer or ‘ClownyPrincess’ is an amazing cosplayer from Australia that I have been following for a few years now, she is all the woman who I go to if I ever have Harley questions or just want to see some amazing pictures for inspiration. I am also a HUGE fan of Yaya Han, she does many characters I love and is crazy talented.

Ray: Jessica Nigri, DEFINITELY! I stopped cosplaying for a few years, and she was a huge push for me personally to want to pick it back up again. There are a number of others too though, like Yaya Han. She is just fantastic.

Ashe: Jessica Nigri is one, she is a prime example of how social networking, beauty and a charming personality can get you to the highest places. Another would have to be Meg Turney and Yaya Han!

SMC: Out of all of the Cosplay’s you’ve created, which one has been your favourite?

Manda: So far the No Flutter Harley Quinn that Ashe made for me and my Animated series Harley Quinn are my absolute favourites because I love the character so much and the costumes looked amazing, runner up would be Rainbow Dash though as she was sooo much fun! Hoping that for 2014 Pixie, Raven and Powergirl might have a running for my new favourites.

Ray: Out of my recent costumes, probably Catwoman. So much fun just smirking at everyone while I slinked around the convention area. (Also, SUPER comfy!)

Ashe: That’s a really tough question! It’s like being asked to choose between your children. Haha. Probably my first one for nostalgic reasons, Rikku. I have so many that I love, and so many that I’m working on that come really close though, like Supergirl for example.

SMC: Flip side to that, which one was the most difficult to work with?

Manda: Batgirl. Batgirl was a B*tch! From last minute symbol issues, to losing the symbol part way through the con, and then having Wig issues, I don’t know why Babs hated me but we were having some issues. I will redo her when I save up enough for a Reevfx Cowl and get an armoured suit like New 52, but until then we are on fighting terms 😛

Ray: Hm, probably either Steampunk Batgirl? Though I definitely have harder ones lined up.

Ashe: It’s actually one I’m working on now, corsets are always difficult to make, but this costume is going to be completely worth it, and completely worth the surprise. Spoilers!

SMC: What Cosplay are you best known for?

Manda: As this was my first year really going out and cosplaying, and my first year in a group I would probably have to say my Harley Quinn, either Bombshell or Animated Series is what I am best known for, but I hope to make it my Bombshell Harley, Power Girl or Pixie when I complete them for next years con.

Ray: You tell me? Probably either Catwoman or Batgirl?

Ashe: Probably Supergirl. People bring up my photo and ask if it’s me, which is incredibly flattering.

SMC: What part of “geekdom” is you favorite. i.e. comics, movies, video games, anime, etc?

Manda: I am a comic nerd, infact most of the movies, shows and video games I have are comic book related and specifically Batman or X-men related. From Injustice, Batman Arkham Asylum, Lego Batman, Marvel vs. Capcom, to some old Xmen games for the Sega. I also enjoy some anime like Highschool of the Dead and Queen’s Blade but am mostly into comics, DC, Marvel and Zenescope are my top names.

Ray: Which part isn’t? MY favourites though, probably Anime/manga, and video games (especially J/RPG). LOVE my Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts especially. (And yes, as a matter of fact, I DO have my PS4 pre-ordered already.)

Ashe: I’m a little bit of everything. SciFi, Comics, Manga, Anime, video games, table top games, movies/tv shows, I could keep going!!

SMC: What Video Game are you currently playing?

Manda: Injustice, I am obsessed, but also Lollipop Chainsaw when I am home alone.

Ray: At this very moment, I have two on the go. One I am replaying, Final Fantasy 7, and the other is Ni No Kuni.

Ashe: Injustice is killer! I love it, and great to blow off steam to. I just finished the Last of Us, and it was amazing.

SMC: What Video Game are you most looking forward to this year?

Manda: I just finished Pokemon and am playing Kingdom Hearts at the moment, don’t have the new PS4 so anything new I won’t be playing for a while.

Ray: PS4!! That wasn’t really the question? Oh. Well, I’m excited for the new Final Fantasy games to come out, AND the new kingdom hearts… and the new Pokemon X & Y. <3

Ashe: The new Kingdom Hearts!! What has it been, 7 years?! I’m so excited. Pokemon X/Y as well should be amazing, and the new Assassins Creed!

SMC: What Comic Books are you currently addicted to?

Manda: I collected Batman, Nightwing, Suicide Squad and Batgirl for the Court of Owls and Death of the Family runs, now I am collecting the New Harley Quinn series by Amanda Connor and found a few boxes of Xmen and New Xmen comics in the attic that I have decided to delve into.

Ray: Gotham City Sirens

Ashe: Lady Mechanika! I love steampunk anything!! Saga is also incredibly amazing!

SMC: If money was no object what would be dream costume?

Manda: Hexidecimal would be absolutely amazing, or a Daemonette from Warhammer done up in Harley colours like my army would also be amazing!!!

Ray: Whooo~ is that list ever long! Caterina Sforza and Queen Esther from Trinity Blood are both high up there. Hawkgirl, Angewoman from Digimon, Asuka Soryuu Langley (Full plugsuit) from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Catwoman from Injustice…

Ashe: It would have to be my Pepper Potts Rescue suit. I’ve wanted to cosplay that for ages now!

SMC: What upcoming cosplays are you working on? Are any top secret plans?

Manda: I am working on….with a LOT of help from Ashe, who will be teaching me how to sew…. Pixie from X-men, Power Girl, Raven from Teen Titans and Bombshell Harley Quinn. I have a few more I hope to do as well, but these are the first on the list.

Ray: Well now, they wouldn’t be very secret if we told you, hmm? Some not so secret? Pirate Sirens, for one.

Ashe: I have SO many, it’s actually difficult to narrow down. I have a few secret ones that I won’t share, but I will tell you I’m working on a Black Canary, a League of Legends character, Zatanna and Rei from Evangelion to name a couple.

SMC: How did you all meet?

We actually all went to high school together, and though we were close then now that we are farther apart w have grown even closer, it was just pure luck that we all ended up in Toronto in time to create The Geekettes and get ready for Fan Expo 2013.

SMC: What prompted you to do a group cosplay?

Manda: Ashe really wanted to, so I said sure. Now I LOVE it! We want to be the Toronto City Sirens because we love the characters so much, and it would be hilarious to hang out with the Arkham Batman and Robin, The Toronto Joker and beat up Toronto Batman! 😛

Ray: Well, it started out as just one group (the NoFlutter Steampunk), than the ponies got brought in, but we’d already been talking about doing Gotham City Sirens, so, what was it? 3? days before Fan Expo I was able to pull together my Catwoman? And be the villan to their goodies.

SMC: How did you decide what to wear?

Um, battles, tears, pillow fights and pulled hair! 😛 Haha, it changed a few times. For Fan Expo we originally were only going to do 2 groups, which turned into 3 and even the day of some got changed. Generally the system works, Manda Cowled will try be a Harley or DC Character at most conventions, and she made the girls watch My Little Pony, Ashe found the No Flutter DC ladies and when we found out Nathan Fillion was coming we had to do something Horrible! 😛

For our next cons, we all chose about 5 characters that we really wanted to do, if any matched up well like the Sirens, we grouped them, if they didn’t we saw if we wanted to group them, and then we started on our individual costumes. Now it’s time to see which costumes comes out at each convention.

SMC: Are you planning more group outings?

Definitely. Last year we has our first private photoshoot together, went to the Toronto Zombie Walk together, as well as plan on more (and more!) conventions! We are also hoping to get our busking licenses as well, to become the Toronto City Sirens… *dun dun duhhhh*…but not until it’s warm out.

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