Interview: Tender Cosplay

Location: Ottawa, Canada

SMC: Why Did you Start Cosplaying?

Tender Cosplay:My Favourite TV show was Card Captors and my mom is an awesome seamstress so when I said “Make me Sakura” it happened, since then I’ve been hooked.

SMC: What was the first convention where you cosplayed?

Tender Cosplay:2003 AC3 in Ottawa, it has since stopped being scheduled. I went as Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles in Travel Gear with all the Coins on the edge of the Cloak.

SMC: Where can your fans see you next (2013/2014 schedule)?

Tender Cosplay: I will be at Pop Expo in Ottawa on the 7th and 8th of December, Anime North in May 23rd to 25th, San Diego Comic Con July 25th to 27th, and finally Fan Expo Toronto dates TBD

SMC: Funniest convention moment?

Tender Cosplay: This year I went to Montreal Comic con and had a great time, but I don’t speak French at all, my Boyfriend does (and he was no help in this situation) everytime someone would come over and ask for a photo or compliment my costume (Black Widow) I could do nothing more then just stare at them blankly before apologizing. He was cracking up everytime, and I think once or twice had the kindness to actually translate for me what people were saying >.< I laugh about it now.

SMC: What is the best part of cosplaying at a convention?

Tender Cosplay: MAKING FRIENDS!!! and getting to hangout with the Wonderful Jessie, also getting to grill other cosplayers on how they did certain things to expand my knowledge.

SMC: What other cosplayers inspire you?

Tender Cosplay: Jessica Nigri, Kurumi Cosplay (I drool over that armor WORBLA here I come) Jessie of course as well as the new friends we made through her Louisa (The Slyph cosplayer we had in our group) and Chanelle (The Storm).Nadya Sonika (She was the original Fem-Cyclops that we based mine off of)

SMC: Out of all of the Cosplay’s you’ve created, which one has been your favorite?

Tender Cosplay: Codex, it was a spur of the moment cosplay that my wonderful Boyfriend Keagan went beyond and above to craft the staff for, I wore it for Ottawa Comic Con and actually got to meet Felecia Day who said she had to get a picture and jumped down, I was so star struck.

SMC: Flip side to that, which one was the most difficult to work with?

Tender Cosplay: Vanille from Final Fantasy 13 >_< sooooo many Beads.

SMC: What Cosplay are you best known for?

Tender Cosplay: My Fem Cyclops, only because it was just after Jessie and I decided to get more professional with our Cosplay and Keagan constructed our website and started using Twitter and Reddit to get us out there.

SMC: What part of “geekdom” is you favorite. i.e. comics, movies, video games, anime, etc?

Tender Cosplay: Video games and Cute Anime’s, I love watching Cute and Awkward Animes and I Play League of Legends everyday.

SMC: What Video Game are you currently playing?

Tender Cosplay: League of Legends mostly, Sims 3 sometimes, and I’ve started to try GTA 5

SMC: What Video Game are you most looking forward to this year?

Tender Cosplay: SIMS 4! (crazy for it, its my secret Dark Pleasure)

SMC: What Comic Books are you currently addicted to?

Tender Cosplay: I don’t really read a lot of comics yet, though Keagan is starting to pick it up again I’ve read up on X-men a lot to decide on Cosplay idea’s

SMC: If money was no object what would be dream costume

Tender Cosplay: I want to do a Kick Ass sexy Assassin from Assassins Creed and/or a full tilt Attack on Titan costume it would be fun to be Potato Girl.

SMC: What upcoming cosplays are you working on? Have any top secret plans?

Tender Cosplay: Fem Dante from DMC, Poison Ivy, Miss Fortune (LoL),

Top Secret Hint: Red Armor…that is all.