Disney+ Starts today! Lets get hyped about the Mandalorian

In most regions across the world today, It’s November 12th and that means one thing, Disney+ is here to take over as your streaming service of choice. Now, most people have been waiting for this service to launch for one reason, and that reason goes by the name of The Mandalorian. The new sure-fire hit series is ready at the launch of Disney’s new service and we all know it’s going to be one wild ride.

To help celebrate the release of the series, we’ve once again teamed up with the awesome talents of MirCosplay (IG). While this post features her Boba Fett cosplay, it’s still Mandalorian related. One can only wonder what possible connections the series may have with the most famous Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Galaxy. I guess we will all have to stay tuned and see how it all plays out over the coming season.

For now, check out the cosplay MirCosplay sent our way, and remember if you do like her work, please think about giving her a like and follow over on your social media platform of choice.

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