Cosplayers Covering Cosplayers

“Cosplayers Covering Cosplayers” is a new idea we’ve decided run with here on SMC.

The staff here at Share My Cosplay simply can’t make it to all of the conventions out there. So to help rectify that situation, we’ve embraced the idea of having some of our favorite cosplayers cover the events for us.

Tender Cosplay, MAP Cosplay, Universe of Ali and Marie Grey have already helped us cover events such as Canada’s Fan Expo 2014 & New York Comiccon 2014.

Time to time we may be on the look for help in cover an event in your area. If you think you can help us out, please contact us.

Please check back often as we will update the conventions below depending where we need the assistance.

Currently looking for coverage on:

Calgary Expo April 16-19, 2015
Animate Miami 2015
Supanova Gold Coast 2015
Phoenix Comic Con 2015
Fan Expo Vancouver 2015