Cosplay Mashup – Sailor Moon / 2b Perfection

Since we have been a little light on the content here on the site recently, we knew we had to get something up for our devoted fans. So here you go, this Cosplay Mashup is by far one of the coolest items we have managed to come across in recent months. If you happen to be one of those devoted fans I previously mentioned, you’d know that both Sailor Moon and 2b hold a special place in my heart. Big fan of both, so you can’t go wrong when you mashup these two ladies up into the following cosplay you see before you.

I have to hand it to cosplayer Miss Mononoke (Instagram / Twitter), she has done an outstanding job, mashing these two iconic characters together into a single entity. Mashups can be a little hit and miss sometimes, but this one is a full-on hit, with me anyways. What do you think of this mashup? Let us know in the comments section below.

Also before moving any further, we’d like to make sure we give cosplay photographer Andrew Rezun (Instagram) a big shot out as well. These shots are absolutely fantastic. Really a big fan of this shoot, it seriously turned out perfectly.

Anime and Video games go hand and hand and this is one unique way to bring them even closer. The outfit from Square Enix’s Nier Automata perfectly aligns with the classic Sailor Moon hair styling. This Cosplay Mashup manages to perfectly merge the two together, it’s amazing. Can you tell that we are enjoying this SMCDaily?

With all of that said, this article is a bit light on text, but does anyone even read these anyway? We all know we are here to check out the amazing cosplay. We hope we have succeeded in doing that for you. Like always, we recommend you follow the feature cosplayer, to help show your support. As well please think about giving us a follow as well. We can be found on all of your favourite social media platforms, using @ShareMyCosplay (Links in the sidebar if you need any help).

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