Cinderella Cosplay takes on the apocalypse

If there is one thing we truly love from the cosplay community, it’s fresh takes on classic cosplay. Mashups and fresh takes do a lot for the community to push the creative juices forward. Since creativity is what this community is all about, we do our best to feature such cosplay as much as possible. With that out of the way, are you ready to check out this post-apocalyptic Cinderella Cosplay?

Cosplayer Captive Cosplay (Instagram) looks like she is certainly ready to take on whatever her fantasy world has left to throw at her. It appears the princess has seen some tough times, but still comes out looking absolutely fantastic, like all princesses do. From the neck up you’d never know anything different as Captive Cosplay nails the classic Cinderella cosplay look, it’s the rest of the cosplay that strays far away from what you’d expect. Ragged clothes and knee-high white platform boots aren’t what you’d normally expect from Cinderella, but this princess certainly owns it.

Cinderella appears to be ready to take on anything that comes her way in this brave new world. Of course, the inspiration for this cosplay came from the artwork of Tess Fowler (Deviantart). We are curious what other princesses she may come across in her journey through this rough post-apocalyptical world she now inhabits. One can hope that we will see even more from this series by Captive Cosplay in the future. Fingers crossed.

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