Celebrating #StarWarsDay some must-see Star Wars Cosplay!

Title - SuperSailorVirgo as Hera

Happy Star Wars Day! How has your #MayThe4th gone so far today? We hope you are getting your fill of Star Wars related posts. While the Skywalker saga has come to the end with the recent release of the Rise of Skywalker, that doesn’t mean we as a society are done with Star Wars in any way. Star Wars will forever be a part of our lives and pop culture, there is really no way to escape it. That also means there will always be Star Wars cosplay to enjoy.

Star Wars comes in a lot of different forms, from the mainline movies we see in the theatre, hit shows like the Mandalorian, and cartoons such as Clone Wars and Rebels that can be seen on Disney+. There is truly something for everyone, and I personally can’t wait to see where it goes in the years to come. How excited are you?

SuperSailorVirgo as Hera
Hera by SuperSailorVirgo

With the introduction text out of our way, let’s get to the cosplay! Star Wars Rebels was Disney’s follow up show to The Clone Wars, and the one thing Rebels did well was introduce us to a lot of new and amazing characters. One of those characters, if you didn’t realize already, is Hera. She has quickly become a fan favourite, and one of the reasons we choose this submission today. Up and coming cosplayer SuperSailorVirgo (Instagram) has really done an outstanding job with this cosplay. That green pops right off the screen, perfectly replicating that signature Tw’liek look. Also what really brings this cosplay together is @SuperSailorVirgo’s use of props and accessories, which totally sells us on the Hera look and feel.

Star Wars Cosplay SuperSailorVirgo

While writing this post, I just noticed that @SuperSailorVirgo has just over 1000 followers on Instagram and that truly needs to change. When visiting SuperSailorVirgo’s profile you’ll notice that she is doing some really amazing work, and we’d highly recommend you checking her out and thinking about giving her a follow. Cosplayers need your support and this is the way to show it. In these strange times its little things like this that can go a long way. Also while you have your favourite Social Media platform open, think about giving us a follow as well. You can find “Share My Cosplay” on all of your Social Media platforms and we try our hardest to provide you will amazing cosplay content daily

Star Wars cosplay Hera - SuperSailorVirgo

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SuperSailorVirgo Star Wars Cosplay