Catwoman Cosplay is stealing your precious thoughts

Catwoman Cosplay

OK, so let’s get one thing straight, I expect that 99% of you reading this post know who Catwoman is? Correct? I think that is more than a fair assumption. With that being said, I’m in a sticky situation. Do I continue with the normal background part of the post or just move along quickly to the amazing Catwoman Cosplay that you find yourself reading about. Decisions Decisions!

If you haven’t noticed already, we seem to follow patterns here on the site. We are once again back featuring the outstanding work of cosplayer Anna Shakh (Instagram). If you make it to the end of the article, you’ll see a ton of other related posts that features this super talented cosplayer, that we’d highly recommend checking out. If it’s one thing we do like to do here on the site, it’s constantly feature people that do amazing work and have a willingness to share it with us. Makes sense right?

I’m not sure if you had a chance to check out all of the pictures just yet, but I for one am loving this Catwoman Cosplay. Anna Shakh has done a particlarly amazing job with the cosplay. I feel like this version has leaped straight off the pages of the most recent batman comic book. I’m highly impressed. As well as always Ann has an amazing photographer by the name of Alena Mogan (Instagram) taking the shots. Together these two really manage to work some cosplay magic.

I’ve commented before in previous posts featuring these two, it’s the atmosphere captured in the shots that really sell the cosplay. Such an amazing job. I would like to know how they manage to find such amazing sets to shot on. They are constantly bringing such fantastic content to the cosplay community.

Top-notch work for sure, and if you haven’t done so already, please check out both Anna Shakh’s & Alena Mogon’s work on Social Media. You seriously won’t be disappointed. While you have your favourite social platform open, please feel free to give Share My Cosplay a follow to, we can be found on every platform under @Sharemycosplay.

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