Captain Marvel Cosplayers You’ve GOT to See

Marvel had the whole world watching when they debuted their first ever female-lead superhero movie. Captain Marvel became this year’s most highly anticipated film. And as we suspected— it didn’t disappoint.

While trolls tried to through us off the heroine with negative reviews, Captain Marvel still grossed $455 million globally, making it the biggest film premiere this year. It’s also the second leading film for an origin-based superhero story, just behind Black Panther. Audiences raved about the film and the hype still hasn’t died down. Cosplayers have been sharing their ardor for the beloved spunky heroine all over Instagram with their Carol Danvers recreations. We thought it would only be fitting to share their replicas to demonstrate just how much of an impact this film has made on the community as a whole.

There are over 14,000 #captainmarvelcosplay submissions, so we narrowed it down to those that are on par with the latest Captain Marvel design. So without further ado, here are 15 Captain Marvel cosplayers that you have GOT to see:

15. Captain Kaycee Cosplay exuding the strength that is Captain Marvel.

14. Young Cosplay Ray already killin’ it in the cosplay game.

13. Princess Chris Cosplay isn’t about to let all the women steal the spotlight.

12. Vaguely Cosplay perfected her wig and through own this casual Carol Danvers ensemble.

11. Lee Ann Thompson comin’ in with the nostalgia with her badass look that’s reminiscent of early Captain Marvel designs.

10. Ya’ll knew this was coming. Jedi Manda blowing us all away with her costuming and prop talent. Just look at that helmet!

9. Kirstin of Armored Heart Cosplay sports a different suit, but we couldn’t help but throw her on the list!

8. A colorful grungy version on the Brie Larson suit

7. Mizuki looking fierce as ever as Captain Marvel.

6. Cheryl aka WhoaNerdAlert is always on top with her cosplay creations!

5. We had to throw in some of comic versions! Check at Jaycee in this throwback Captain Marvel cosplay!

4. Miss Felicity Davis looking stunning as ever in her classic Captain Marvel cosplay.

3. Check out Miss Madison Cosplay’s HANDMADE suit!

2. Yuri Cosplay with this breath-taking shot of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

  1. Torie coming in hot with this awesome edit of Captain Marvel!

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