Bulma Bunny Cosplay breaking up the winter blues

Bunny Bulma

It’s finally time, we’re back and officially getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season. We took a bit of an extended break, but happy to finally be back at it. We’ve been posting like crazy over on social media the last couple of weeks, as we ended up with a huge holiday backlog, so please make sure you’re following us on Social Media to get your daily cosplay fix. That being said it’s time to check out this truly awesome Bulma Bunny Cosplay.

For most of us located in North America, we’re knee-deep in winter, so we figured we start off with something to lift everyone’s spirits. I don’t think you could do a better job, than this truly awesome Bulma Bunny. This one was an easy choice as the colours really pop off the screen and are just so vibrant. We wanted everyone to fill the colours comes alive, as you deal with the dreariness outside with the bleak winter months.

Bulma Bunny Cosplay

If you’re a fan of Dragonball, of course, you are already familiar with Bulma Bunny, as Bulma is a long-time staple of the anime. If you’re not, and you’re the one person who has lived under a rock for the last quarter-century, we are happy to introduce you to this iconic character. The bunny suit costume was a small story point in the show and has grown to have a life of its own. Easily becoming one of the most well-known cosplays in the cosplay community today. I think we can all point to at least one of our favourite cosplayers who have done a very successful Bulma Bunny Cosplay at somepoint.


Oolong had stored this in his House-Wagon. Bulma had no choice but to wear this as it was the only clean clothes around that fit her

Bulma Bunny Cosplay

With all of that out of the way, let’s dive more into these spectacular shots! If you’ve been on our socials before, you’ve more than likely run into something we’ve previously posted from @itskawaiikitten. As a Canadian-based site, we are always more than happy and take great pleasure in featuring another fellow Canadian, whenever we get the chance. So here we are. Like I mentioned at the top of the article, as soon as we saw this shot show up in our inbox, it was a must post, and the perfect post for our return to work. The yellow background in these shots, against the deep black and blues of the cosplay, really just makes the shots a true pleasure for the eyes. Bring that together with the aqua hairpiece and these have quickly become some of our favourite shots of the year so far. We’ve of course posted a few of these to our social media feed over on Instagram, but wanted to make sure we had a feature post up on our site, so they wouldn’t be lost in the constant daily feed.

@itskawaiikitten does it all, while of course, she is a very talented cosplayer, she is big into content creation and has both a Twitch channel and YouTube for you to enjoy as well. If you would like to support this amazing Canadian content creator, we would highly recommend checking out her pages and potentially giving her a follow. While you have your favourite social media platform open, please take a moment and think about following our pages as well, you will find a ton of daily posts there featuring high-quality cosplays like this one.

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