Bleep Magazine Interview

bleepSo the awesome people at Bleep Magazine in New York city contacted us a little while ago, and asked if we’d be interested in doing an interview for their October issue.

Well October is here and the magazine is out to the public. At the time we had no clue that it was going to be a whole cosplay issue.  There is so much amazing content in the magazine we feel that it needs to be seen. There are a ton of top notch cosplyers featured such as Chloe Dykstra (on the cover), one of our favorites Riddle, and even Heroes of Cosplay new commer Miquel Guifarro.

We would ask that you pay particular attention to pages 88 – 93. Along side our interview we took the chance to highlight a few of our close friends in the cosplay community. You’ll see photos of MAP Cosplay, Tender Cosplay, Betty Nukem, Manda Cowled and Ashe Rogue.

We are so very proud of this achievement, and a big thanks goes out to the people over at Bleep for putting such an amazing magazine out.

Link: Bleep October Issue