Black Cat Cosplay has an interesting story to tell

Black Cat Cosplay

So this for sure isn’t the first time or the last time we will feature Black Cat here on our site. That being said every time we do feature an outstanding cosplay like this one, it makes us wonder when we will see her debut on the big screen. Now that I’m typing this, I’m pretty sure we’ve already discussed this issue in our last Black Cat feature, however, when it comes down to it, that doesn’t really matter, because like yourself as a fan I need it to happen. Talking about this phantom feature movie will only make it happen sooner, right? While we all wait so patiently for a Sony / Marvel feature film, let’s all “Marvel” this truly fantastic Black Cat Cosplay.

I think it’s fair to say that Black Cat is fairly popular with female cosplayers. Strong character, like-able fandom (Marvel), and the cosplay has a good range of variety from person to person. This is why I personally think we see a lot of Black Cats in our daily feed. When it comes down to it, there is really nothing wrong with that, I for one like this Cat Theif. I would even say I like her more than DC Comics Catwoman. What are your thoughts? Who would win in a Vs of Black Cat against Catwoman? I know who I would have my money on. I’ve told you many times that I’ve always preferred Marvel to DC Comics. I have nothing against DC, I just grew up a Marvel kid.

When we get awesome cosplay like this one from Cosplayer Sedokovair cosplay (Instagram), we always have the tough decision on what to do, do we rush to post it on Social Media right away or do we do a proper feature here on the site? Since we will be honest with ourselves and sometimes the proper feature can be delayed, we choose to premiere this over on Social Media when it originally came in, always knowing that we would go back to do this post when we had the chance. That day has finally come, so let’s get to it!

First off, like the title says. This set is truly fantastic, I feel like there is a mini-movie or story being told throughout the photo set. It’s epic shoots like this, that make my hunger for a true live-action feature constantly grow. Sedokovair cosplay has really nailed her Black Cat Cosplay, it’s true perfection. The “Cat Suit”, fur and mask all come together perfectly to great a really spectacular cosplay, something to truly be proud of. Add all of that into the absolutely fantastic photo talents of @maydayskiy & edits by @marten_brock. This team of individuals has really come together and do something special.

For me, this shoot is really amazing. I can’t help but wonder what was the story on what was shot. Was Black Cat hired to steal something? Did she use the motorcycle in the getaway? Was there a pursuit? So many questions. What do you think happened? Do you think Spider-man will make a cameo?

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