Ann Takamaki Cosplay is Persona-lly a fan favourite!

As the Editor of a cosplay site, I am exposed to many different fandoms. Combine that with growing up with comic books and video games and I have a pretty good handle on things. That is until we sit down to talk about something like Persona. Ad in the fact that I’m an Xbox-centric gamer, and Persona is just something I’ve never really been exposed to in my day-to-day life. However, that won’t stop me from featuring this truly amazing Ann Takamaki Cosplay AKA Panther here on the site. Let’s get into it!

Persona and I have absolutely no history together. The only time I’m ever exposed to it is in the Cosplay Fandom that I surround myself with. So you’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. All I really have is that I know Ann Takamaki is also known as Panther. There I’m done.! Thanks for dropping by, make sure you check out the stunning cosplay before clicking away to another page.

Ha. I kid. Want to know more about everything Persona? Well maybe head over to Wikipedia, and read up on the series. That’s the best I have for you related to background material. I don’t want to waste your time with pointless filter content.

As for the cosplay, well cosplayer CucumberCosplay (Instagram) has done a truly outstanding job on this cosplay. Faithfully replicating it. Persona fans should be happy with this one for sure.

Of course, behind any great cosplayer and their cosplay creation, is a just as great cosplay photographer. This case is no different, featuring the talents of photographer Ron GeJon Photography (Instagram). You can see for yourself these shouts are breathtaking, a lot of work has gone into just the proper way of showcasing the lighting. I’m loving these shots and this is the primary reason you’re finding them featured on the site. Both Cosplayer and Photographer have once again come together to create something that they should be proud of. A Cosplay win for sure.

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