A Note from your Editor!

UPDATE: I’m back! Regular operations will start on September 14, 2016

Freakx here! As summer is about to come to a close it’s been another amazing con season here on SMC. Our crack team (#TeamSMC) has been to so many cons it’s crazy. We’ve seen so many amazing cosplayers and the season isn’t even over yet, with some big cons yet to come (Dragoncon & NYCC).

That being said it’s that time of year that your Editor needs a break, and get away from the computer to spend some time with the family (Can you guess where I’m going?). From August 25th – September 12th there will be a break in the normal amount of awesome content that you’re use to seeing here on SMC, but don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you high and dry. We will have a few posts lined up, and a steady stream of social media posts. (Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram)

Now while I have your attention, I’m time to get serious for a second. Here at SMC we love what we do, and truly enjoy interacting with cosplayers from around the world. We’re always working on new stuff for the site and looking to make our site better. Now if you’re reading this, one could assume you already enjoy cosplay and you like Share My Cosplay. Now we have a question for you… would you be interested in being a part of the team? Here at SMC we love expanding our ranks and are currently looking to add to our team and are actively searching for content editors, writers, tutorial makers, video editors and at least two representatives in Australia. If you have any of these skills and would like to help out at SMC please let us know. (email: jointheteam@sharemycosplay.com)

Lastly before letting you get back to your life, have you seen our 2017 Cosplay Calendar? It’s amazing (if you don’t mind me saying). 16 amazing cosplayers featured and for the price of basically one convention print. Sounds like a good deal to us (Similely face).  We just wanted to point it out as this is our main source of income and allows SMC to continue to operate. We all have those fellow “geeky” people in our lives that this would be the perfect gift, so why not check it out.. maybe order one… or two (LOL). / END shameless plug.


Well people. That’s it for you latest update. Your Editor is heading south and ready to enjoy the nice weather.

We will be back to normal operation on September 12th.

See you soon!