15 Outstanding Pool Party Cosplay

Pool Party Cosplay

Summertime is pretty much officially here and sadly most of us are still stuck inside. To helo with that, we figured there was no better time to bust out some of our favourite cosplayers enjoying what summer truly means. For most people summertime brings people to beaches and pools in an effort to try and beat the heat. For cosplayers that normally means trying to bring your favourite character to life while attending a pool party, which normally leads to something swimwear related. Some can be functional and some are not, but they are all tons of fun. Pool Party Cosplay here we come!

Like our other “Outstanding” Lists we try to save some of our favourite posts we come across in our Instagram feed, and then compile them for you to see. Below you’ll find 15 really outstanding summer-inspired cosplay, and these cosplayers are totally ready for the nearest pool party.

I for one am amazed at how many of our Canadian friends we managed to include in this list. If you’re at all familiar with Canada, we Canadians have to learn how to take advantage of what little heat and sun we get.

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Editors Note: Somehow we didn’t end up including any Pool Party League of Legends skins. I guess that means we will need to do a follow-up. If you have any Pool Party League skins please tag us on Instagram.

@sparkle_stache: Cosplayer Sparkle.Stache brings her “A” game with her own very awesome take on My Hero Academia’s All Might! Check out her profile tons of stunning cosplays like this one.

@binrand: Our 2020 Calendar Cover Model is back with another stunning shot. Check out this summer time version of everyone’s favorite Witcher character Ciri.

@lisa.mancinerh: Like the post says you can never have too much Ark Magician Girl. Lisa is becoming a staple of these Top Outstanding posts were doing.

@metamaddie_cosplay: This was an easy include just for the fact you don’t usually see Hats and a Belt on such an awesome summertime cosplay. A pure win for this amazing Megumin.

@adamilangley: Can you ever imagine Raven out enjoying the sun? Well, @Adamilangley can! This is an awesome cosplay and she has really hit it home.

@tiasenpaii: There is something about this shot that just screams Ryuko Matoi, maybe it’s the fact that @tiasenpaii looks just like her! Also, that sword is so badass.

@ironkitty: Another one of our favourite Canadian cosplayers making this post. @Ironkitty absolutely killing this shot of her as Jessie from Team Rocket enjoying some pool time.

@kijin_cosplay: We’re going to be honest the pink hair of Future Diary’s Yuno Gasa gets us every time! Also, don’t forget the knives! Do you see the ocean in the background? Stunning!

@norikos_cosplay: an EVA suit made for the water! Sounds perfect. Evangelion’s Mari Makinami spending some much need R & R by the pool. There is something so peaceful about this shot.

@rolyatistaylor: Is it Gwensday already? Is that the face of the next Gwen Stacy or what? It the perfect summer time ode to one of the most recognizable characters in cosplay today. Amazing!

@joliejuless.cosplay More amazing My Hero Academia summertime fun for you. @joliejuless.cosplay enjoying her floaty as Mt.Lady.

@penberly: Our first Overwatch entry, as one of their newest characters Ashe, knows how to fit right in at the pool party. I’m not sure how well that hat is going to hold up in the water though?

@alex_cosplays @camislyce @sparkle.stache: This pokemon triplet was a must include. These ladies know how to have some cosplay fun near the water. Super cute!

@anatylacosplay: How could we not include She-Ra! Did you see that sword? Can you totally see her wearing something like this in the palace? We can!

@cosplay_mila: More Overwatch fun for you. @cosplay_mila striking a classic pose with that bubble gum popping as D.va. Sometimes I wonder what her bot does while she is at the pool.

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