10 Outstanding Red Sonja Cosplay

Red Sonja Cosplay

Here we go again, another 10 Outstanding Cosplays for you to check out. This time we’re showcasing none other than everyone’s favourite barbarian Red Sonja. I’m not sure about you, but I have seen a lot of truly amazing Red Sonja cosplay regularly showing up in my personal Instagram feed as of late, and I figured it was time for us to highlight such an original character.

Anyone who is at least somewhat familiar with the character of Red Sonja may be aware that Sonja is often depicted with less than normal barbarian armour than one would normally expect for such a warrior. So with that being said, while we are quite used to seeing this cosplay, you may want to label this post a tad more NSFW than any of our previous posts. While we will put that warning there, honestly there is no difference in featuring Red Sonja versus our Pool Party Cosplay post from last year.

So go forth and with great honor and check out these truly Outstanding Red Sonja Cosplay.

@jacquelinegoehner: You can check out Jacqueline’s account to see many more classic shots of her as Red Sonja. Loving the animal skin draped on her, to give her cosplay an extra level of realism.

@katydecobray: We do our best to support fellow Canadians, so you’ll often see @KatyDeCobray featured in our lists, but do you see this cosplay? That shot is truly stunning.

@_kendelb: Red Sonja is all about kicking ass, and you need some big ass weapons to make that happen. Loving the Axe and Sword @_Kendelb is sporting.

@kanina.lady: Another classic shot of Red Sonja. @Kanina.Lady makes her really stand out in the forest.

@graciethecosplaylass: This doesn’t need a description. It’s here for obvious reasons. Cosplayer @GracieTheCosplayLass as Red Sonja with Bow and Arrow on top of a horse.

@beaupeepcosplay: One of our favourite UK cosplayers @Beaupeepcosplay with a classic Red Sonja shot. There are a ton more on her profile. (Photo by @geekysidekickPhotography)

@adamilangley: Cosplayer @adamilagley is ready to fight! Victory has already been spilled over her Axe and Sword

@valery_himera: Cosplayer @Valery_Himera brining her own special touch to the classic Red Sonja. All is fair in cosplay

@realqueenofthejungle: Who doesn’t like the fact that @realqueenofthejungle is sporting a fantastic cape with her Red Sonja. Another fine touch to this classic cosplay.

@artyfakes: Can you believe we almost forgot to include one of our favorite cosplayers? @Artyfakes with an absolutely stunning Red Sonja. Facing the elements to get such an amazing shot.

@cucumbercosplay: We often find it hard to stop at “10” on our lists, so here is a bonus for you. @cucumbercosplay taking a break from all of the action. That axe looks like it could do some major damage.

Did you enjoy this post? Let us know which shot was your favourite and also what other cosplayers would you like to see us feature in an upcoming post. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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