10 Outstanding Queen Mera Cosplay

Queen Mera Cosplay

So we’re live with another post. I think it may have come up before, but I’ve always leaned a little more heavily towards the Marvel universe. Growing up I was always big into the comic books, and now being an adult I’m addicted to the MCU. So when it comes to DC’s movie lineup, I’m sometimes a little late on watching the newest DCEU movies. For some reason, I just watched DC’s Aquaman a few weeks ago and was just introduced to the on-screen counterparts of Aquaman & Queen Mera. Aquaman was a badass movie and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Without spoiling anything, if you still haven’t watched it for some reason, you should really check it out. With that being said, that’s the reason we are here to check out some Queen Mera Cosplay.

Take a look at some of our favourite selections we have pulled from our Instagram feed over the past several months. If you do happen to like what you have seen, please take a moment to check out the cosplayer’s social media and give them a “LIKE”. Also if you do have some extra time in your daily schedule please check out @Sharemycosplay on your favourite platform and give us a LIKE and Follow, it would be much appreciated.

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@spooky.fae: Cosplayer @spooky.fae with a truly amazing shot of her Queen Mera. Really like this angle / pose. Did you see that Trident?

@bellatrixaiden: This underwater shot of cosplayer @bellatrixaiden is outstanding, love it. Totally fits as Mera is the Queen of everything in the sea.

@kristenhughey: As the editor of SMC, one of my highlights was meeting @kristenhughey a few years ago. Kristen is amazing. Love these shots of her Queen Mera.

@valery_himera: One of the hardest working cosplayers in the community. @valery_himera does such awesome work. Her shots are always amazing.

@platinumroxxy: Have you seen this elegant shot of @platinumroxxy out in the rain? Really nice shot of her Queen Mera enjoying the water.

@scarletjewelcosplay: Cosplayer @scarletjewelcosplay with a classic shot of her a Queen Mera out enjoying the weather pool side.

@clara.cosplayer: Cosplayer @clara.cosplayer is coming for you with this in your face shot of her Queen Mera. Watchout!

@aliceinferno: This is a truly stunning shot of cosplayer’s @aliceinferno Queen Mera. This is what cosplay is all about.

@euphoria.bjc: Cosplayer @euphoria.bjc with an absolutely amazing post featuring Queen Mera and her summer hat.

@genevievemariecosplay: Another favoruite of ours, cosplayer @genevievemariecosplay always does such an amazing work. Her Queen Mera is classic.

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